Anyone who’s ever owned an iPhone will know the frustrations of being forced have a bunch of apps you never use hanging out on your homescreen all the time. When was the last time you needed to use Apple’s Compass app, or felt compelled to check your financial fluctuations in Stocks? Exactly.

With any luck, your days of tucking this smartphone filler away in a folder named “Stuff I cant delete” could soon be over.

Eagle-eyed developers have spotted some new code that’s recently started popping up in Apple’s iTunes metadata that suggests we could soon be able to at least hide these unwanted apps.

“Apple has added two new keys labelled ‘isFirstParty’ and ‘isFirstPartyHideableApp’ in iTunes metadata,” the App Advice report states.

“These two new values started showing up a few weeks ago on every app in the App Store.”

While it suggests we could soon be able to free our handsets of some of Apple’s pre-installed apps, it sounds like Apple’s leaving its options open for keeping some apps as unhideable.

Apple has yet to comment on the claims the long-coveted feature could be added the next major iOS release.